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Amplify Action Organization Announces Formation


Thursday, June 11, 2020


Amplify Action Organization Announces Formation

The nation’s first nonprofit aimed specifically at voter registration and mobilization for Black men in the South launches today.

(Columbia, SC) - On Thursday, June 11, Amplify Action, the first ever organization focused on voter registration, mobilization and education specifically for Black men, will launch to the public. Amplify Action is the only 501(c)4 in the nation that is focused on cultivating civil and political engagement for the African American male electorate. The mission of the organization is to “promote racial equity and set the foundation for a more fair and just America for the next generation.”

Brandon Upson, a seasoned political strategist, combat veteran and community leader based in Fort Mill, South Carolina, will serve as the organization’s first Executive Director.

“With the unrest in our country caused by recent murders at the hands of police, this is the time to provide support to those impacted and move them to action to change the system,” Upson said: “In order to reach true racial equity in America, we are called to navigate many moving pieces. Engaging our electorate through increased voter turnout is just one of the many ways we begin to reach equality. We must inspire Black men to turn out to the ballot box to elect officials who will be truly representative of our community and shape policies that protect us and our needs.”

Upson added “many Black men across the country are not participating in the voting process because they either do not want to participate, do not know how to, think they are not eligible, or have limited access to the polls. We plan to solve all of these problems and give a voice to an entire electorate that is not being represented accurately in our current governing body.”

Amplify Action’s outreach efforts will include voter registration and mobilization, community organizing training and eventually, increase knowledge surrounding the election process for those who seek to serve in elected public leadership roles. In addition to partnering with other organizations and participating in initiatives such as South Carolina’s Million Man March, Amplify Action will also be hosting events such as town halls and virtual discussions to combat the spread of COVID-19. Amplify Action’s work will be anchored in South Carolina, North Carolina, Alabama and Tennessee.

To find out more information about Amplify Action and the work of the organization, visit , or search “AmpOurVote” on all social media platforms.

For all media inquiries, contact


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